Helping dentists to decode dental charts

CAVITY (DECAY)                              SYMBOL


C, CAR (carie), AC (arrested carie), Z - UK

C - Japan, Norway, Pakistan

C (karies) - Germany

CI (first degree), CII (dentine involved), CIII (pulp involved) - Finland

Car, aca - Australia

Carie - Italy

Carie - Costa Rica

Carie - France

Cárie- Brazil

Cav - Iraq, Turkey

Cav (car) - Thailand

Cavidad de carie - Colombia, Chile

D (decayed) - Lybia, United Arab Emirates

K (karijes) - Croatia

Karies - Denmark

Karie (kavita) - Indonesia

Ubytek - Poland

Z (gross caries - used sparingly) - WinID3 system

τερηδόνα - Greece

-حفرة - Syria

龋洞 - China



 In a diagrammatic representation of the tooth, the cavity is marked by highlightning the surface but not blocking it out 

(Australia,Barbados, Brazil, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia)



(Jordan, Malaysia) 

Restoration to be replaced 




Loss of tooth crown: mark a 'X' on the decayed crown 

(Lebanon, Russia)


CAVITY (DECAY) -  OTHER                                                                        


C w (carious watch/incipient) - Canada


C R (carious recurrent) - Canada


DF (deep fissure) - Malaysia

Dt (decayed teeth) - ADA


KIV (keep in view) - Malaysia