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DENTAL BRIDGE                                SYMBOL


B (tooth is an abutment in a bridge) - Norway

B, BR (bridge) UK

Br (fixed bridge)- Iraq, Japan, Korea, Libya 

Bro - Denmark

3 unit bridge, gob, mcb, abu - Australia

CB - Thailand

FPD - Pakistan

Jembatan - Indonesia

Most  - Poland

Pont (bridge) - France

Ponte fixa - Brazil

Ponte dentale - Italy

Puente fijo - Chile

ZP (zub u protezi) - Croatia

-جسر - Syria

 γέφυρα - Greece

 - China






Semicircles/parabola outlining the abutments and a horizontal line linking them, according to the extension of the bridge.

 (Australia, Brazil, Croatia)


Full metal bridge - 3 units (Indonesia)



3 unit bridge - vertical line or a "x" through missing tooth plus a solid double line above/bellow abutment teeth. Chart the pontic according to its crown replacement material (United States)

                  Full metal cantilever bridge – 2 units (Indonesia)


Place a "0" above the extarcted tooth and mark 2 horizontal lines above the abutment teeth and an arch between the two lines

(Lebanon, Russia)

Maryland bridge

(United States) 

Fixed Partial Denture (FPD) -  outline each aspect, including abutments and pontics. Show partition at junction of materials and indicate each type of material used.


 (The U.S. Navy, 1999)

Fixed bridge - abutment 3/4 gold crown-pontic-full gold-abutment full gold.

(CGC Dental Charting, 2009) 



A (abutment) UK

BP (bonded pontic) - UK

BR (bonded retainer)UK

C, CeC, Cf (cement)UK

E (extension of a bridge to replace the tooth) - Norway

H (bridge pontic) - Norway

P (pontic) - UK

P (pontic/ primary code must be X to indicate missing tooth) - WinID3 system

~P (pontic) - book source:  

Jaroski-Graf J, 2000. 

Pilar - Colombia. Translation: abutment

Pontic - Denmark

Pôntico - Brazil

R (retainer, abutmentUK

Z (meduclan lijevani) - Croatia

Translation: pontic

ZF (meduclan fasetirani)- 

Croatia. Translation: pontic with aesthetic face like veener



Z (Croatia) 


 ZF (Croatia) 

 X or =  


 Pontik (Indonesia)

 Translation: pontic

Bridge abutment 

Bridge pontic 

    (British army)