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DENTAL CROWN                              SYMBOL


BC, BCR (bonded crown) UK

C (crowded) - Jordan, Libya

C (crown) - WinID3 system

C, Cr (crown) - Barbados, Iraq, Japan, UK

CK - Japan

Coroa - Brazil

Corona - Chile

Corona dentale - Italy

Cr (fixed crown) - Libya, Barbados

Cro - Thailand

Couronne - French

CWN - Pakistan

Full crown - Australia

K (crown)- Norway

K (krone material unbekannt)- Germany

Translation: crown but material is unknown 

KO (krunica obicna) - Croatia

korona - Poland

Kgp/Kpg - South Africa

Krone - Denmark

Mahkota - Indonesia

στεφάνη - Greece

- China
At  - artificial tooth1
C, CeC, Cf - cement1
corona parcial (3/4, 4/5, 7/8) (Colombia) 
CF – corona fenestrada [open face crown] (Colombia) 
C/P - crown preparation (visit) 1
PBM - porcelain bonded to metal1
PFM - porcelain fused to metal1
PR - porcelain retain


Cross hatched and specify the material (Australia, Brazil)


Gold crown, acrylic or porcelain facing (Saudi Arabia)




A line delimiting the crown




Mark a line above the crowned tooth

(Lebanon, Russia) 


 Full crown

           (British Army)        





At (artificial tooth) - UK

C, CeC, Cf (cement) - UK

CF (corona fenestrada) - Colombia

Translation: open face crown

Corona parcial (3/4, 4/5, 7/8)-  Colombia

C/P (crown preparation/visit) UK

HJK (Resin Faced Cast Crown) - Japan

HNM (high noble metal) - United States 

~N (three-quarter) - book source: Jaroski-Graf J, 2000.

~Q (non-precious) - book source: Jaroski-Graf J, 2000.

PBM (porcelain bonded to metal) - UK

PFM (porcelain fused to metal) -UK

PR (porcelain retainer) 




                       3/4 crown

                    (British Army)