Helping dentists to decode dental charts




 Supernumerary tooth -draw an outline of the tooth in its approximate location. Then insert an "S" in the proper location on the tooth number line.

(The U.S. Navy, 1999) 



diastema (Colombia)  


(inter crossed arrows)



(zig zag arrow towards the occlusal plane)

diente en erupcion (Colombia)
Translation: erupting tooth 


 arrow pointed to  the occlusal plane = over erupted (Canada)

diente extruido (Colombia) 
Translation: extruded tooth 


 arrow pointed to the root apex = under erupted (Canada)

diente intruido (Colombia)

Translation: intruded tooth


 Extrusion (Saudi Arabia)

 Overhang  restoration (Saudi Arabia)

rotasi gigi (Indonesia).Translation: rotated tooth  

giroversiόn (Colombia) 
 Translation: girovertion
 Rotation (Saudi Arabia, Canada)


gengival recession (Canada)

Sinus tract (Saudi Arabia)


Diastema (ADA) 


Heavy calculus 

(CGC Dental Charting, 2009) 



           No information




 Instanding or outstanding tooth from normal line or arch

           (British Army) 





 Food  impaction (Saudi Arabia)


Poor contact (Saudi Arabia)

Root absorption

(Lebanon, Russia)  


Furcation (Saudi Arabia)


kvacica (KV) (Croatia)

Translation: clasp

parodontopati (Croatia)

Translation: periodontosis


Spaced (Brazil, Canada)/

 diastema (open space)(Indonesia) 


 penutupan jarak (Indonesia)

Translation: space closure


jaw fragment, missing, non recognizable, fractured crown, traumatic avulsion (CAPMI system)

No information about tooth is available (WinID3 system) 


symbol that is placed at the root tips, indicating the tooth is connected and replaced with a denture (partial or complete) (Canada) 


Drifted (Canada)

deficient margin - restoration

open margin - restoration 

overhanging margin - restoration


Supernumerary tooth

(CGC Dental Charting, 2009) 

Gingival recession/furcation involvement

(CGC Dental Charting, 2009)  

Supernumerary tooth

(British Army)  

Drifted tooth, showing direction of drift 

(British Army) 


 Unerupted tooth (UE) and Partially erupted tooth (PE)

   (Martinez et al, 2011)



 No information available 

    (Martinez et al, 2011)



Unerupted - Circle tooth plus "Uner" 

(United States) 

Artificial tooth present (UK) 

Open contacts - Two parallel lines between the involved teeth

(United States)  

Canine present retained(UK) 

Retained deciduous - Write"R. 1” above/bellow 

(United States)  

Partially erupted - Circle tooth plus "P. erup" 

(United States) 

  Extra tooth(Poland)

Tooth instanding or outstanding

Tooth missing
(space closed)

Tooth partially erupted

     Space maintainer:      open square with a                     '0' 

(Lebanon, Russia) 


Partially erupted tooth - draw an arch line through the long axis of the tooth

(The U.S. Navy, 1999)

 Unerupted tooth -  outline all aspects of the tooth with a single oval. This includes impacted teeth.

 (The U.S. Navy, 1999)


  Retained deciduous tooth in addition to permanent  dentition (British Army) 



 Unerupted tooth (U) and Partially erupted tooth (PE)

      (British Army) 


 Rotated tooth, showing direction of rotation 

(British Army)