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IMPACTED TOOTH                         SYMBOL


Dent incluse - France

Dente impactado (incluso) - Brazil

Diente impactado - Chile

DisAImp (distoangular impaction) - UK

I (impactación) - Colombia

Imp (impacted) - UK, Thailand

Imv (impacted visible tooth)UK

Imx (impacted invisible tooth)UK

Imx - Turkey

MesaImp (mesioangular impactation)UK

RET (retained impacted tooth, only visible on x-ray) - Norway

Retention toothJapan

Retineret tand (rontgen) - Denmark. Translation: invisible retained tooth 

Retineret tand (synlig) - Denmark. Translation: visible retained tooth 

ROT (root in the jaw bone, only visible on x-ray) - Norway

SI (Semi-impactación) - Colombia. Translation: semi-impactation

Zęb wtloczony - Poland

阻生牙- China



 (Saudi Arabia)




             (Martinez et al, 2011)