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LOWER PARTIAL                           SYMBOL                                    DENTURE    


 -/P (lower partial denture) - Australia, Indonesia

LPD Iraq, Thailand

LRPD - Pakistan 

No teeth PL, pld - Australia

Partiel UK - protese - Denmark

PD - Japan

PL (partial lower) - Norway

Pld - Turkey

Protesis parcial remobible inferior - Chile

Prótese parcial removível inferior - Brazil

Proteza dolna czesciowa - Poland

Prothèse partielle inférieurie - France

kάτω μερική οδοντοστοιχία - Greece

下颌局部义齿 - China



A (artifitial tooth)UK

AC (acrylic) UK

Gigi tiruan - Indonesia

Translation: artificial teeth

Rp (Removable prosthesis) - Libya

T (denture tooth/ primary code must be X to indicate missing tooth) - WinID3 system



 Two paralel horizontal lines crossing the apices of the replaced teeth (specify material) (Colombia)  






 removable partial denture (Indonesia)


2 missing teeth - draw "X" through plus two broken lines above(United States)  


Mark a '0' below the extracted teeth and a line below the zeros

(Lebanon, Russia) 


Mark the missing teeth with a "X". Place a horizontal line between the outline of the teeth and the numerals designating teeth  replaced by the RPD (removable partial denture).
Ex: Man RPD (material used)
(The U.S. Navy, 1999) 

 (CGC Dental Charting, 2009)

UPPER AND LOWER PARTIAL                                                         DENTURE


P/P (upper and lower partial denture) - EnglandP/P (upper and lower partial denture) - England 
 P/P (upper and lower partial denture) - England

P/P (upper and lower partial denture) - UK

Protese parcial superior e inferior - Brazil

P/P (upper and lower partial denture) - England

Protese parcial superior e inferior - Braz