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POST CROWN                                  SYMBOL


Corona con perno - Chile

Coroa com pivot - Brazil

Cour coulee - French

Cox (core)/Pox (post) UK

Cr (fixed crown) - Libya

MetP (metal post)UK

P (post)UK

PC - Pakistan

P & C (post and core) - ADA

PoC - Thailand

Pos (post - pulpal anchorage) - Norway

Porcelain - SK (porcelain post crown) -Japan 

post + crown, pox, cox 

- Australia

PPJC (porcelain post crown) UK

Pv (pivot /post) - UK


KR (Ricmond krunica) - Croatia. Translation: Richmond crown

Resin - SK (resin post crown) -Japan

Rodstif (post) - Denmark

SK - Japan

桩冠 - China




 A vertical line in the root linked to a square outlining a crown (Colombia)


              (Martinez et al, 2011) 


Core - Japan

Pernos - Chile

Pin - Pakistan, Thailand

Pin (parapulpal pin)- Norway

Pino - Brazil

Pinsy - Poland. Translation: pins

Ppx (parapulpal pin) - UK

Ppx, pin - Australia

Stif - Danish

Καρφίδα - Greece

针 - China. Translation: pins