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REMAINING ROOT                          SYMBOL


C4 -Japan 

R (retained) - United Arab Emirates

Racine restante - France

Resto radicular - Brazil

Rev (retained root - deciduous) - UK

Rodrest - Denmark

ROT (root in the jaw bone, only visible on x-ray) - Norway

Rov (visible root) - UK

RR  (remaining root)Iraq, Libya, Thailand

RR (remanent radicular) - Colombia

Rrx (residual root)UK

RT (root tip)UK

W (wurzelrest) - Germany

W(remaining roorts only)- Norway

残根 - China


 radix dentis (Indonesia)




(England, Jordan, Malaysia) 


sisa akar (Indonesia) 


Roots retained (UK)   

Residual root requiring removal.

(The U.S. Navy, 1999) 



 Retained roots showing number of roots

(British Army)


 (Martinez et al, 2011)