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E (endontically treated tooth)UK

Endodoncia - Chile

FRC - Thailand

jt (root canal  filling)jh  

(root treatment)- Finland  

PC (pulpectomia) - Translation: pulpectomy) and PP (pulpotomia -Translation: pulpotomy ) - Colombia.

Perawatan saluran akar - Indonesia

R - WinID3 system

~R (root canal) - book source:  

Jaroski-Graf J, 2000. 

RF - Iraq

R/C, RF, RtF (root canal) UK

RCF - Japan

RCT (root canal treatment) - Pakistan

Rct, root fill, rfx - Australia

Rfx (root filling) - Turkey, UK  

Rodfyldt - Denmark

RT (root treated) - Malaysia

TC (tratamiento de conductos) - Colombia, Venezuela

Tratamento de canal/endodontia - Brazil

Traitement de canal (obtur) - France

WF (wurzelfullung) - Germany

Wypelnienie kanalowe - Poland

ενδοδοντική θεραπεία (Greece)

根管充填 - China





Apx (apicectomy) UK

G (=) gangrena - Croatia. Translation: pulp necrosis

GP (gutta-percha)UK

Ifx (instrument fracture) UK

NV (non-vital pulp) - Malaysia

P (-) pulpitis  - Croatia

 Translation: pulpitis

Pex (perfuration) UK

PX (pulp extirpated)UK

SRT (septic root treatment) -UK

ZnO (zinc oxide and oil of cloves)UK





Root canal filled   Incomplete root                                 canal filling    (Saudi Arabia)  

devitalizirani zub


Translation:  devitalized tooth

dente da devitalizzare (Italy). Translation: dental pulp devitalization

non-vital tooth (Indonesia) 



A line traced in the canals

(France, Germany)




  Symptomatic           Asymptomatic

tooth requiring       non-vital  tooth

endo  ttment

and a red circle

drawn around

the apex if tooth

is swelling and

pus associated        



Draw line in center of roots, plus "RC"above/below

(United States)


Apical apicectomy: line on the apical third

(Lebanon, Russia)  



Apicoectomy - draw a small triangle on the root of the tooth involved

(The U.S. Navy, 1999)  


Tooth with root canal treatment, apicoectomy and silver amalgam retrofilling.

(CGC Dental Charting, 2009)



Non - vital tooth (NV) and Root - filled tooth 

(British Army)


(Martinez et al, 2011)