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TEMPORARY FILLING/               SYMBOL                                            CROWN   

TEMPORARY FILLING                               


Ce (cementum) as temporary filling code - Norway

Restauración temporal/

provisória - Chile, Colombia

Restauração provisória - Brazil

/Tek - Japan

Temporaer fyldning - Denmark

TF Iraq, Thailand

Va (temporary filling) - Finland

Wypelnienie  tymczasowa - Poland

Z (obturacion provisional) - Venezuela

Z (Temporary filling material. Also indicates gross caries - used sparingly) - WinID3 system

~Z (temporary restoration) - 

book source: Jaroski-Graf J, 2000.

临时充填/冠 - China



Corona provisoria/temporal - Chile, Colombia

Coroa provisória - Brazil

Couronne temporaire - France

Tek (temporary crown) -Japan

Korona tymczasowa - Poland







Temporary filling

(same symbol for caries) (Indonesia)


 Outline the face of the tooth according to shape and position of the filling and block it out 
(Barbados, Brazil, Colombia)

Temporary dressing 

Tooth with a temporary restoration
(CGC Dental Charting, 2009)