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UPPER FULL DENTURE                SYMBOL        


 C/- (Complete upper denture)UK

CD (complete denture), FD (full denture) - Japan


F/ (maxillary full denture) - ADA

F/-  (full upper denture)Indonesia, UK

F/U (full upper denture) - ADA

FU (full upper) - Norway


FU, F/-, fud – Australia

Górna proteza calkowita - Poland

Hel OK-protese - Denmark


UCD - Pakistan

UFD - Iraq, Thailand


Prótese total/dentadura superiorBrazil

Prothèse complete/ dentier supérieure - France

Protesis remobible total superior - Chile

άνω ολική οδοντοστοιχία - Greece

上颌全义齿 - China













A (artificial tooth/denture)UK

AC (acrylic)UK

Dtr (denture) - ADA

F/F (full maxillary denture over full mandibular denture) - ADA

F/P (maxillary full denture over partial mandibular denture) - ADA

Gigi tiruan - Indonesia. Translation: artificial teeth

PT (protesis total) - Venezuela.

Translation: full denture

Rp (Removable prosthesis) - Libya

T (denture tooth/ primary code must be X to indicate missing tooth) - WinID3 system




Two parallel horizontal lines crossing the crowns of the upper teeth (specify material) (Colombia) 



(Brazil, England) 

Horizontal line above all extracted teeth
(Lebanon, Russia) 



  Mark the missing teeth with a "X". Place a horizontal line between the outline of the teeth and the numerals designating teeth  replaced by the CD.

Ex: Max CD (acrylic, gold, or chrome-cobalt)

(The U.S. Navy, 1999) 

(CGC Dental Charting, 2009)