Helping dentists to decode dental charts

TOOTH SURFACES                                                                              MESIAL (M) -  INTERPOL AM DVI form   DISTAL (D) -  INTERPOL AM DVI form

Mesial (Portuguese)

Mesial (Indonesian)

Mésiale (French)

Mesial (Spanish)

Mesiale (Italian)

εγγύς (Greek)


Distal (Portuguese)

Distal (Spanish)

Distal (Indonesian)

Distale (French)

Distale (Italian)

άπω (Greek)

INCISAL (I)                                                 OCCLUSAL (O) - INTERPOL AM DVI form

Incisal   (Portuguese)

Incisal (Spanish)

Incisale (Italian)

Incisif (French)

κοπτική (Greek)


Oclusal (Portuguese)

Oclusal (Spanish)

Occlusale (Italian)

Oclusale (French)

Oklusal (Indonesian)

μασητική (Greek)

VESTIBULAR (V) - INTERPOL AM DVI form                                                           LABIAL (La)                                                   BUCCAL (B)  


Labial/ vestibular (Portuguese)

Labial/ vestibular (Spanish)

Labial (French)

Labiale (Italian)

Labial/vestibular (Indonesian)

 χειλική (Greek)


Bucal/vestibular (Portuguese)

Bucal/Bukal/fasial (Indonesian)

Bucal/vestibular (Spanish)

Buccal (French)

Buccale (Italian)

παρειακή (Greek)

LINGUAL (L, Li, Ling)/                                   PALATAL (P)                                         (L)-INTERPOL AM DVI form


Lingual (Portuguese)

Lingual (Spanish)

Lingual (French)

Linguale (Italian)


Palatal (Portuguese)

Palatal (Spanish)

Palatal (French)

Palatale (Italian)




Extra sourceKeiser-Nielsen S (1980). Person Identification by Means of the Teeth: a practical guide. Michigan: Wright.